Optional system voltage

The voltage setting of PANcharge1k can be changed by the switch button. Just push the button to select system voltage of 12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V.

Worldwide universal Input voltage(100/200V)

Removable rubber foot and handle

Easy to be used by just pushing button

Safe design

Model PANcharge1k
Battery Voltage 12V24V36V48V
Battery Voltage Range 8~14.8V16~29.6V30~42V40~60V
Charging Voltage 14.5V29V43.5V58V
Float Charging Voltage 13.8V27.6V41.4V55.2V
AX Output Current 30A30A25A15A
bsorption Current 2.25A
Input Voltage 90~120Vac/180~240Vac
Frequency 50/60Hz
ax. Input Current(at rated load) ≤20A
MAX Efficiency(at rated Load) 80%(Average)
No-Load Current 0.1A
Ambient Temperature 0~40℃
Operating Humidity Range 5~95%RH(Non condensing)
Storage Temperature -20~+60℃
Dimensions 300×223×95.3mm(Without rubber foot and handle)
Weight 3.8kg
◆The specifications are subject to change without notice.

Charging Voltage/CurrentBattery Voltage
VACharging Voltage14.5V29V43.5V58V
VBFloat Charging Voltage13.8V27.6V41.4V55.2V
IAMAX Output Current30A30A25A15A
IBAbsorption Current2.25A