User's Manual

DC-AC Power Inverter

Product NameProduct No.
DIASINE® GR300(100V Model)
GD300/GD150(100V Model)(V1.03E)※
GD300/GD150(100V Model) (V1.09E)
GD300/GD150(200V Model)
GR Quick start guide for parallel
GD300/GD150(100V model)Quick start guide(V1.03E)※
GD300/GD150(200V model)Quick start guide
※The document applies to products with serial number first three digits are W49 to W53.

Solar Charge Controller

Product NameProduct No.
SolarAmp BG SA-BGA10/SA-BGB10
SolarAmp B SA-BA10/SA-BA20/SA-BB10
SolarAmp B SA-BC10/SA-BC20/SA-BD10
SolarAmp B For Lithium Battery SA-BA10Li
SolarAmp mini SA-MN05-8

Battery Charger

Product NameProduct No.
PANcharge®1k PANcharge®1k